Windows 8 App Development Presentation

Here’s a list of all the resources I’ve put together for my talk on Windows 8 Application Development that I gave at:

You can view the slides from my presentation or rate the talk if you’d like to provide some feedback

The BindableBase class helps implement the MVVM pattern by implementing INotifyPropertyChanged on a base class which should be inherited by classes in your ViewModel

The RelayCommand class helps implement the MVVM pattern by exposing methods on your ViewModel as Properties to which your View can Bind

The UserSettingsBase class provides base functionality that allows you to create persistent user settings with regular Property Syntax.

The SettingsHelper class takes care of the plumbing to link the Settings Charm Panel with your own User Controls.

NOTE: As of Windows 8.1, winRT released a native SettingsFlyout so the following code is primarily for historical purposes.

You can download the MVVM template in the Visual Studio Extensions Gallery
Fork or contribute to it on GitHub
Or read about it in my Blogpost.

For the Full Word Guesser Application in the Windows Store :

Here’s a SkyDrive Folder with all the files you might need. In here, you’ll find the PowerPoint, Demo Source Code, Resharper Templates, and code from the Demo.

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