Windows Store MVVM Template

A bare bones starter template for Windows Store 8.1 Projects that Utilizes the Model View View Model Pattern

You can download the template from the Visual Studio Extension Gallery
You can fork or contribute to the template on


Here’s a breakdown of the directory structure:


  • Assets: contains images for the Package.appxmanifest
  • Model: contains core business logic for the application
  • Resources: contains common resources for the whole application
    • AppResources.xaml: contains xaml resources that is added to App.Resources
  • Utilities: contains reusable helper classes that can be used in this, and other, projects.
    • BindableBase.vb: implements INotifyPropertyChanged which can be inherited by classes in you ViewModel
    • NavigationHelper.vb: adds Navigation support and Process Lifetime Management
    • RelayCommand.vb: implements ICommand to help invoke delegates through binding.
    • SuspensionManager.vb: captures global session state to simplify process lifetime management
  • View: contains views for the User Interface layer of the application
    • MainView.xaml: has the initial window that the application launches
  • ViewModel: contains classes which help communicate between the View and the Model
    • MainViewModel.vb: contains the business logic for MainView.xaml
  • App.xaml: contains resources scoped to the entire application
    • App.xaml.vb: contains startup code for the application




<TextBox Text="{Binding PersonName}" />


Private _personName As String
Public Property PersonName As String
        Return _personName
    End Get
    Set(ByVal value As String)
        SetProperty(_personName, value)
    End Set
End Property


private string _propertyName;
public string PropertyName {
    get { return _propertyName; }
    set { SetProperty(ref _propertyName, value); }



<button content="Say Hello" command="{Binding SayHelloCommand}" />


Public ReadOnly Property EnterNameCommand As RelayCommand
        If _enterNameCommand Is Nothing Then
            _enterNameCommand = New RelayCommand(Async Sub() Await EnterName())
        End If
        Return _enterNameCommand
    End Get
End Property

Private Function EnterName() As Task
    'do awaitable stuff here
End Function

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