Pulling Your Website Up By Your Twitter Bootstraps

Hello Boston Code Camp!

Here are some resources to supplement my talk on Bootstrap 3 talk titled:
Pulling Your Website Up By Your Twitter Bootstraps

Here are some powerpoint slides:

Here is a working version of the website from the presentation:

The entire code sample was published to GitHub here:

You can get Bootstrap here (and also read their great documentation):

You can style Bootstrap here:

I’m really excited that every step of the demo can is actually a commit into the GitHub repository. I wrote an article about using using revision control to demo live coding changes, but here’s the meat of it. If you fork the repository on github and open it up it powershell, then you can step through every commit with these commands:

git config --local alias.child-sha "!git rev-list HEAD..master | tail -n 1"
git config --local alias.initial-commit "!git rev-list --all | tail -n 1"

git checkout master
git checkout $(git initial-commit)
git checkout $(git child-sha)

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