How To Deselect A Radio Button

Sometimes radio buttons can be quite frustrating as a user when you need to deselect having answered a question.

Here’s a quick way to temporarily allow a page to deselect radio buttons by pressing Ctrl + Click

  1. Navigate to any page that has radiobuttons. Here’s an example of one:
  2. Click F12 to open up the developer tools
  3. Navigate to the Console Pane
  4. Copy and paste in the following code into the editor:

    document.addEventListener('click', function(e){
     if (e.ctrlKey == true &&  == 'INPUT' &&  == "radio" &&  == true) { = false;
  5. Click Run Script (or hit Enter)
  6. Now, to deselect a radio button just go back to the page and hold down Ctrl and click with your mouse.


This screenshot should match your current browser, but if it doesn’t - here’s an album of screenshots for different browsers

Note: Of course, by the time you’re opening up the developer tools, you can just edit the HTML directly, but this is a little more reusable.


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